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    Contract work the new norm?

    There’s no getting away from it; the working world is changing. Gone are the outdated stereotypes surrounding temporary or contract positions and instead we welcome a refreshing view where temporary roles are now gaining more in popularity between both employees and employers than ever before. We now find ourselves living in a world where flexibility, specialisation, and outsourcing are the new names of the game.

    Finding employment can be tough at the best of times… and these certainly aren’t “the best of times”. Contract recruitment gives those seeking employment the opportunity to get back into work faster as more and more businesses turn to contractor companies, like First Call Contract Services, to fill positions.

    When you compare the UK to somewhere like Spain, where one third of the workforce is made up of temporary workers, or Europe in general where one in seven jobs are now filled by contract labourers, you can see where we are headed. Those trapped in the dying mindset that regard temporary work as “a last resort” or ‘unappealing’ due to aspersions made with regard to pay, skill-set and lack of benefits may want to reassess their views. What these people fail to realise is that these sweeping generalisations are often dangerously misguided in today’s context and they may actually prove damaging to their career in the long run!

    So if contract work is something that interests you then what are you waiting for? Head over to our homepage and locate your nearest branch. Let’s get you registered… then get you working!

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