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    Contract work: Fitting in quickly

    One of the more challenging areas for staff filling contract positions is fitting in quickly! You know your recruitment agent has placed you on a contract because of your skill-set but between managing a new job, networking with co-workers and making a good impression on your boss things can become overwhelming.

    Fitting in quickly is key to feeling comfortable and confident at work. Contract labourers can fit into their new surroundings faster by following some simple techniques:

    Be positive – a positive approach = positive impression. Offer others help and appear confident in your role.

    Company culture – learn about the culture, observe co-workers. By adopting the culture yourself you’re sure to fit in quickly.

    Socialise – Get to know your colleagues. Follow ‘good morning’s with a question, start conversations and get involved.

    Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ever. Not only will you learn more but will also demonstrate your interest in the company and/or role.

    Rules – Know the rules and follow them. Every companies policies are different so never assume. Instead, ask!

    If you’re on the lookout for a new contract position then look no further, First Call Contract Services are a job recruitment agency specialising in contract work across a variety of industries.

    For more information about the areas we cover why not head over to our ‘Sectors’ page or contact us for further details.

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